Timeless Portfolio



Wellness tourism, or travel associated with enhancing or maintaining your personal wellbeing, is now growing twice as fast as global tourism worldwide. Consumers are signaling that they want the option to maintain their healthy habits on the road, whether they are traveling for business or pleasure. At Hyatt, we see wellbeing as the ultimate realization of our purpose – we care for people so they can be their best – and caring for the wellbeing of our colleagues, customers and guests is at the heart of our  purpose-driven work.


We also know that it takes a village to be well, the benefits of which can cascade to all aspects of life from the workplace, to home, to physical, mental and emotional health, to our community and society as a whole. Together, focusing on wellbeing creates deeper personal connections and experiences, and can be an encompassing effort that benefits everyone.


For this reason, we are not only focused on bringing wellbeing to life for our guests and customers both in- and outside of hotel stays, but for our colleagues as well. Hyatt has committed to a multi-million dollar investment to inform offerings, programs and services that positively impact the wellbeing of Hyatt colleagues around the globe. We are also collaborating with thoughts-leaders to gain insight and incorporate best practices into our colleague programming because when our colleagues are at their best, they can better care for all of you and your guests and customers.


With Hyatt’s holistic commitment to wellbeing, and the science and evidence behind it, we hope to challenge the status quo of how the hospitality industry has defined caring for ourselves and each other. I invite you on this journey with us, and welcome your feedback – send me photos, your stories and learnings – I would love to hear from all of you!


With gratitude,

Mia Kyricos

Senior Vice President

Global Head of Wellbeing