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Hyatt Group Offers

Our hotels are pleased to offer savings and incentives to make your meeting or event even more enjoyable. 


The world has changed, and events will look and feel different from now on. Working closely with planners to understand the challenges and opportunities ahead, we set out to not only reimagine what events can be, but to provide you with all the support you need to organize events safely, seamlessly and creatively. We believe that there are five major areas of learning and opportunity moving forward:

Safety Is The Focus

We must ensure everyone has the peace of mind and sense of security to be able to enjoy events. That’s why we launched the Global Care & Cleanliness Commitment. Developed with trusted medical and industry advisors, it builds on existing rigorous safety and cleanliness protocols.

Hybrid Is Here to Stay

Hybrid is an important part of events, as extending the reach to include virtual attendees and speakers will allow more people to be part of each experience. For now, it’s still new for many of us. That’s why we’re excited to announce dedicated hybrid support teams, technological collaborations and exclusive educational opportunities for planners.

Wellbeing Is Ever-Present

We understand wellbeing has fundamentally changed and is more important than ever, especially in the workplace. In a 2020 study, 77% of CEOs said they plan to prioritize employee wellbeing. At Hyatt, wellbeing has always been at the center of our purpose of care. We continue to invest in these offerings by finding ways to integrate a holistic approach to wellbeing into every experience.

Food & Beverage Requires New Kinds of Creativity

It’s clear food and beverage service needs to change to meet the new normal. At Hyatt, high-quality food and beverage has always been an essential part of our events. And now, we’ve reimagined our culinary experience to bring safety and creativity to the fore in engaging new ways.

Support = Success

Navigating the new world of events can be overwhelming. In listening to planners, we know feeling supported is more essential than ever. That’s why we’ve invested in a full suite of teams and tools to help simplify, streamline and assist you during every phase of planning and execution. Let’s be partners in learning — and leading — the best way forward.

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